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Stephen Zhao O.M.D., L.Ac.

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Stephen Zhao O.M.D

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Objective: Licenses and Awards(see enclosure)

Bachelor Degree from Bejing Medical University (equivilent to Doctor of Medicine); July 7, 1984
License to Practice Medicine in China; July 7, 1984
Doctor in Charge(Resident) at Shanxi Institute;December 1, 1988
Vice-President of the Alabama Association of Oriental Medicine July 18, 2001, Registration # 104

Member of China Acupuncture Association; May,1989
Diplomate in Acupuncture in National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Washington D.C. Certification # 005786. Issued February 29,1996. Current.
Member of International Traditional Chinese Medical Alumni Association;June 6, 1999 Member of American Association of Oriental Medicine; June 6 1999

In 1984, Dr. Zhao attended the 5 year medical school and graduated with honors from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical College, P. R. China. Dr. Zhao has extensive knowledge and training in the field of both Chinese and Western Medicine. Combined with his family inherited experience, Dr. Zhao has developed a unique system and method.

Clinical Experience
1984 - 1991 Dr. Zhao practiced acupuncture and-traditional Chinese medicine with a high degree of success with patients in the 500 bed Shanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. At the same time he taught and lectured at Shanxi Traditional Medical College.

1991 - 1992 Dr. Zhao was invited by the Malaysian Government to set up a Chinese medical center in Malaysia. At the center, Dr. Zhao treated at least 50 patients every day. His medical knowledge and skill were very well recognized. Attracted by his reputation, many celebrities and government officials also came to the center

In 1992, Dr Zhao was invited by the Texas Acupuncture Association to join a research on development in the field of acupuncture. His special medical techniques and unique experience were highly praised and appreciated. Since he began his medical practice, Dr. Zhao has treated many people from different countries. Among them, various difficult and complicated cases were cured.

1995 to present - Dr. Zhao opened his own clinic in Hoover, Alabama. He has been very well received because of his expertise and warm bedside manner. At the request of his patients, Dr. Zhao has developed over 30 Programs of treatment for different disorders. Each regimen is designed to give the patient a speedy and effective course to healing.

Media Coverage:
My practice has been featured in the March 30, 1998 Birmingham News in their Health & Fitness Section concerning Alternative Therapy and their application. I was again featured on the front page of the Hoover News on October 11, 2000. The article discussed my practice and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Every year since 1997 , I have been invited by the local network television stations to appear on their community television shows to discuss Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1997 I appeared on CBS Channel 42. In 1998 I appeared on ABC Channel 33/40. In 1999 I appeared on WB Channel 21.

On October 6, 2003, the Local WB Television station taped a show with me on “Arthritis and Acupuncture”.

On January 4, 2004 I was featured on the local Fox Television Channel “Good Day Alabama”. The show ran a “live feed” from my clinic and showed me performing acupuncture on an patient with Parkinson’s Disease. With another patient I demonstrated the use of “fire cups”. This feature was approximately 20 minutes in length.

In the February 2, 2004 “The Birmingham News” newspaper, I was featured in an article on the latest “Ma Huang Controversy”. I was interviewed about the use and efficacy of the herb.

On December 28, 2004, I was again featured on the local Fox Television Channel program “Good Day Alabama”. The 20 minutes live presentation showed me treating 2 patients. One patient was attempting to quit smoking and another was trying to lose weight.