Chinese Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine Booklet
by Stephen Zhao O.M.D.,L.Ac.


Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a therapy which has extensive indications, and fantastic effects Chinese medicine theory says that there are systems of channels which spread all over the body. These channels connect with internal and external organs and external limbs. This makes the human body into a whole. When illness occurs, acupuncture reaches the illness through these channels by “Sign”. The sign usage through acupuncture therapy balances Yin-Yang and adjusts Chi- blood.

Acupuncture removes the obstruction in the body channels and eventually there is recovery from the illness. There are no side effects In general, acupuncture causes minimal pain. It is not as painful as hypodermic needle injection because acupuncture needle are very fine. The pain produced is similar to a ļ³±uito bite? Most cases present no incidence of bleeding once the needles are removed. The exception is when subcutaneous blood vessels are pricked. This causes a minute amount maybe leaving a bruise. The purpura will shortly disappear within a week leaving no scars or marks.

Acupuncture can cause some feelings of numbness, or tingling sensations. Sometimes, the sensation may be painful, but these are normal as a part of the effectiveness of the treatment. The more sensation or sensitivity the patient exhibits, the better the results. Acupuncture causes relatively very few complications. Dizziness occasionally occurs, but this is due to nervousness on the patients part, or it could be their hunger or their health status. They may be physically weak. If there is dizziness, the patient lays down and drinks some sugar water. We recommend that patients eat prior to receiving an acupuncture treatment. We encourage you to relax and comply with the physicianą©®structions During the treatment we ask that you remain motionless while the needles are inserted and also while they are in place during the treatment.
This reduces pain and/or the breaking or bending of the needles. Acupuncture is an effective therapy in which there are immediate results. We hope you will consider this ancient Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment as an alternative. It will assist you in maintaining and restoring optimal health.  


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