Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Booklet
by Stephen Zhao O.M.D.,L.Ac.


Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has been in existence for thousands of years. Chinese people have accumulated an abundance of information and experiences in Homeopathic medicine. Classical Chinese theory is based on the concept that humans have an interior balance and that disease results from a lack of harmony between the Yin ( negative balance) and Yang (positive balance) forces in the body, and when Chi blood (human organ function) is out of order (dysfunctional).

Also, TCM considers the individual and the natural world to be integrated, such that the changes in the natural world influences the individualą©®terior Yin and Yang balance. Although Western medicine and TCM share similar principles TCM views the organs of the human body, such as the spleen, kidneys, liver, etc, differently. Thus when you study these programs, regard the functions and definitions of the humanĶŠ anatomy in relation to the TCM theory.

TCM has a unique method of diagnosing and treating illness, The method is based on TCM physical examination which includes four methodologies: 1) Observation - manner?facial appearance, tongue, 2) Listening - tone of voice, breathing, heart sounds, 3) Questioning - present and past symptoms, past and present health history, family health history, etc. 4) Palpation - triggers points on the body or pulses. From these four methods of physical examination, a definitive diagnosis can be made and appropriate TCM treatments are initiated.

Chinese herbs are used to balance the Yin and Yang forces and adjust the Chi Blood, therefore restoring good health. Herbs and minerals, such as leaf, flower, iron, roots etc., are derived from its natural resource; the EARTH. These natural medicines are needed by the human body. They produce no side effects, if used properly, unlike synthetic drugs and medicine. However, time needs to be invested into cooking the herbs. In addition, the herbs are bitter in taste and require additives such as honey, lemon juice, or sugar to the herbal liquid to make them more palatable.

Furthermore, the herbal liquid may produce discomfort to the stomach. This can be minimized by eating food before taking the herbal liquid. If the herbal taste is unbearable, our clinic will provide some herbal formulas pills tablets, capsules) instead. However these herbal formulas are not as effective as the herbal liquids, Thus the treatment may result differently.


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