in support of Dr. Stephen Zhao
by Joe Vance,Jr.

I am writing this letter to share my experience with Dr. Stephen Zhao. In 1991 I was stricken with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Heart Failure, and severe spinal Arthritis. I spent six years going from physician to physician looking for help. I received countless pills and expensive bills from doctors and pharmacists alike. Several years into my illness I gave up on Western medicine. I eventually found my way to the field of acupuncture. and Dr. Zhao's office. I walked in more out of desperation than anything. . After one treatment, I was walking upright. After three treatments I was free of spinal pain. The Chinese Herbs he treated me with completely eliminated my fatigue. I exercise on a regular basis now and my heart has been checked out by a cardiologist and I am now labeled fit. After Seven years of going from physician to physician, Western and Alternative medicine alike, I found an honest forthright individual that truly knows how to heal. Today I am back in school, working to support myself, and looking forward to rebuilding my life again. I continue to see Dr. Zhao so I may continue to improve my health and relieve my stress from day to day living. Dr. Zhao has become an integral part of my rehabilitation back into the mainstream of life.


Joe Vance, Jr.
5005 Masters Rd.
Pell City, AL 35128

Dr. Stephen Zhao, the Miraculous
(Written by a Grateful Patient)

Since suffering a massive inhalation injury involving an improper application of weed killer in march of 1999, I’ve experienced shortness of breath. My entire body has been sore, I’ve felt exhausted, and have been depressed, and have had trouble sleeping.

On several occasions I’ve had to go to the emergency room for breathing treatments, and have gone to many doctors seeking relief. The side effects of the medications I’ve been administered by these doctors have been worse than my original symptoms; e.g., weight gain, and deeper depression due to prescription steroids.

I place the call out of desperation. The voice on the other end of the line is warm, friendly and reassuring. Speaking with a slight oriental accent, Dr. Stephen Zhao talks to me in soothing tones. Every symptom I so readily complain of his reply is the same, “I can help. I am here to help people. Come in and I will help you now.”

I had read on the Internet that Dr. Stephen practiced Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with a high degree of success. I also read that he developed over 30 Programs of treatment for different disorders, each designed to give his patients speedy healing. If I was slightly skeptical before going in for my first appointment with Dr, Stephen, I’m not any longer.

I’m amazed and delighted by Dr. Stephen. I’ve never experienced a doctor’s bedside manner to be as patient, and attentive as his. I’m most amazed that after only one treatment I am so much better that I’m almost totally healed! Thank you, Dr. Stephen! You are compassion incarnate, a true healer!




Office Hour:
Mon - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday 9 am - 12 pm
Call for Info or to make
an appointment

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