This program is for allergic rhinitis and can also be used for acute or chronic rhinitis etc. There are 2 kinds of allergic sinusitis. One occur throughout the year and the other is seasonal. They can happen at any age but is more common in youth. The main causes are airborne inhalants, food, and bacteria that can cause an allergic reaction in the human body. The symptoms include itchy nose, sneezing, congestion, decreased sensitivity to smell, headache, sore throat, ringing in the ear, teary eyes. These symptoms can begin and end quickly.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT - one course of treatment is one month.

ACUPUNCTURE - 2 to 3 times a week.

CHINESE HERBS - 5 Packages a week. (optional)

Acupuncture serves to increase the body's immune system function and response. It can heal the symptoms almost instantly is some cases. Chinese herbs also serve to improve the immune systems response. These two therapies together heal the illness. We ask the patient to follow the Doctor's instructions to the letter and for the appropriate amount of time. Generally speaking one course of treatment is sufficient. If the course of the disease has existed for more than 5 years or the allergies are very resistant then more than one course will be required.



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