(mouth ulcer)

Aphthous ulcer is a very tiny, burning, and painful ulcer which happens in the mouth or tongue repeatedly. This ulcer can heal in a couple of weeks. Serious cases last year after year. They influence the patient's eating. Spicy food is especially irritating to the ulcer. Some patients have other uncomfortable symptoms, such as bitterness in the mouth, thirst, constipation, etc. Physical examination can find submaxillary lymph gland enlarged and painful. The cause of the disease is unknown. We think it could be related to a one-sided diet, endocrine system disorder, or immune system function decreased. Currently there is no effective western medical treatment which can heal it.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: a course of treatment is one month.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week.

CHINESE HERBS. 3 packages a week (if patient has complications)

It will heal in one to two weeks with no recurrence. If the case is severe and repeats itself; a one month treatment is required. Acupuncture and herbs regulate the internal organs and endocrine system. They improve the immune system with no side effects. This is one of the best treatments.


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