CFS or CFIDS is a recently recognized illness. The person typically has overwhelming fatigue,chronic low grade fever, painful glands and other symptoms that mimic chronic mononucleosis. It commonly affects adults under 45 mostly women. The cause of chronic fatigue is unknown, but researchers suspect that it may by found in human herpesvirus type 6 or in other herpesviruses, enteroviruses or retroviruses. It could be a reaction to viral illness that is complicated by a faulty immune response and by other factors such as sex, age, genetic disposition, prior illness, stress and environment. Symptoms include:

  profound or prolonged fatigue, especially after exercise levels previously
low grade fever
painful glands
muscle weakness
sleep disturbances ( insomnia or increased sleep)
headaches of a new type, severity, or pattern
joint pain without swelling or redness
abnormal sensitivity to light
forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty thinking, or poor concentration
areas of decreased vision within the visual field

In Chinese medicine this illness is treated as a deficiency in "chi" or energy. Different organs in the body show differents types of deficiency in chi. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are prescribed accordingly.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week

CHINESE HERBS: Prescribed according to symptoms.

Length of prescribed treatment depends on the severity and length of the symptoms. Most patients find relief from symptoms after the first treatment. Recovery is gradual but steady.



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