ABNORMAL SPERM: which includes the quantity of sperm is fewer than 0.06 billion\ml. (Normal : 0.06-0.15 billion\mo), or the rate of sperm activity is lower (Normal: 2hours after ejaculation, over 60% of sperm have activity). Or aberration of sperm over 20%.

EMISSION: refers to a man who often has emissions in the dream state and spermatorrhea without dream. Patients often come with other symptoms such as dizziness, Lumber pain, fatigue, etc.

PREMATURE EJACULATION, when man has sex, the penis doesn't enter vagina, or just only enter vagina, then ejaculates and also has uncomfortable symptoms in whole body.

IMPOTENCE; Man hasn't gotten to the age of sex functional decaying. Penis cannot erect or couldn't erect strongly, or erection couldn't last long enough. Many reasons can cause impotence. Many internal medicine diseases such as nephritis, neurosis, and taking high blood pressure pill over a long period of time, etc. All these can cause impotence.

The four diseases above effect a man's sex life. They are also the reasons that cause a woman's infertility. Chinese medical theory considers this a kidney essence deficiency.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: for Abnormal sperm, emissions and premature ejaculation needs 3 months course of treatment.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week.

CHINESE HERBS: are to be taken every other day or three packages a week. (or herb formula).

During the program the patients needs to cut down on sexual activity so as to conserve essence. Maintain a happy mood and need to be comforted by wife or sexual partner.

Impotence patients need a longer course of treatment. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can produce instant results but this is temporary. For long term result or a cure, the patient needs more than 3 months of treatment. Acupuncture twice a week and a package of Chinese Herbs every other day.


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