This program includes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, chronic colitis.
* Chronic gastritis,
symptoms are upper abdominal full, uncomfortable, dull pain. diarrhea or constipation, etc. The morbidity of chronic gastritis are growing up along with the age. The case is a chronic process. There are three kinds of chronic gastritis in clinic. They are shallow gastritis, atrophic gastritis and pachynsis.
* Peptic ulcer,
includes gastric and duodenal ulcer. They are a chronic process and break out periodically. Upper abdominal pain is experienced regularly. Gastric ulcer pain locates in the left side below the xyphoid. The pain appears one half to 2 hours after a meal. The pain is relieved when the stomach is empty. The duodenal ulcer pain located on the right side below the xyphoid. The pain appears in 3 to 4 hours after a meal and is relieved when the stomach is full. Other symptoms include poor appetite, belching, sour regurgitation (or heartburn), nausea, vomiting.
* Chronic colitis is chronic inflammation. Symptoms are abdominal ache, diarrhea or constipation. Also skinny, poor appetite, fatigue, etc.
These three diseases are easily diagnosed by X-Ray and fibroscope in Western hospital. Chinese medical treatment is a particular therapy to the digestive system diseases. Chinese medicine considers these diseases a result of irregular internal organs and Chi-blood. Chinese medicine can regulate the chi-blood and internal organs disorder.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: a course of treatment is one month.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week

CHINESE HERBS: 5 times a week.

A course of treatment lasts one month. 2 courses of treatment may be required depending on the severity of the disease. Because these diseases are chronic in nature, even after recovery, they may need a couple of treatments a month. It is helpful to keep regular meals and do some physical exercises.



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