Dryness of Eye, Mouth, and Vagina
(Sjogren Syndrome and Behcet’s Disease)

        Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic,inflammatory,autoimmune disorder. The symptoms include,dry mouth,dry eye,rheumatoid arthritis,fatigue,muscle/joint pain,dry skin, neuropathy, and vaginal dryness.

         Currently, there is no known cure for Sjogren’s syndrome and treatment is generally focused upon controlling the symptoms.

         Behcet’s Diseas is a rare,chronic inflammatory disorder. Its cause is unknown. The symptoms include recurrent ulcer in the mouth and inflammation of the eyes and genitalia. The disorder may also cause various types of skin lesion,arthritis,etc.

         The treatment for Behcet’s disease involves supportive care and treatment of symptoms. So far good medicine has not been found for this disorder.


ACUPUNCTURE: Two or three times a week for the first two weeks. After that treatments can be reduced to one or two treatments a week . The acupuncture treatments focus on eye, mouth, and vaginal discomfort. Most patients get relief after two weeks treatment. Some patients can tell a difference even after the first treatment . Acupuncture is considered a very effective treatment in both diseases especially since there is no better medicine for these diseases.
Most patients obtain significant results after one month treatment. Severe cases may need more treatment.

CHINESE HERBS:According to patient’s condition, some may need to take some herbal remedy.




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