Frozen shoulder is a common illness which involves shoulder joint pain and limited movement. It's a chronic illness that occurs mainly in middle and older age patients.(50 years old). Cold shoulder and chronic injury are the main reasons for frozen shoulder. For instance an injured shoulder may not have received timely, effective treatment. The pain affects the shoulders moving function.

The pathology is a non-bacteria inflammation of the tendon and synovial bursa around the shoulder joint, which develops adhesions and becomes calcified without effective treatment. Adhesion and calcification lead to limited movement of the shoulder. An endocrine system disorder may also cause frozen shoulder.

Symptoms: The patient cannot lift his arm to comb his hair. The arm cannot be extended to the back. The pain gets worse when cold. We use acupuncture and herbs which invigorate the circulation of blood and clean the blood stasis. This causes the muscles and joint to relax so that it may heal properly.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: One course of treatment is one month is duration.

ACUPUNCTURE: 2-3 times a week.

CHINESE HERBS: 5 packages a week.(optional)

Generally speaking, the patient's course of illness is less than 3 months. Shoulder joint movement is returned to normal. Usually after one course of treatment the patients is healed. If the patients case history is more than 3 months, the patient may require more than 2 courses of treatment. Most patients feel better after only the first treatment.

Request: During treatment program, patients need to do shoulder joint exercises and avoid hard work.



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