Our discussion will include abnormal menstruation, dysmenorrhea (menorrhea, or painful menstruation), and premenstrual tension syndrome.

Abnormal Menstruation

Abnormal menstruation includes menstruation that is more than a week early or more than a week late. It also include slight menstrual pain with light or heavy flow or clotting. Also, if the menstrual flow lasts longer than a week. The absence of menstruation for 2 or 3 months without being pregnant and other symptoms as well are included in abnormal menstruation.


Normally women have slight pain in their back, abdomen or breasts during menstruation. If they have acute pain in these areas during menstruation then this is considered menorrhea.

Premenstrual Tension Syndrome

Commonly know as PMS, this syndrome creates an uncomfortable feeling throughout the body. This occurs about a week before menstruation. Numbness in hands and feel, headache, sleeplessness, back pain, nervousness, depression, diarrhea, bloating, breast pain and rash are all symptoms of PMS. These usually disappear after menstruation.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT - one course of treatment is 2 months or 2 cycles.

ACUPUNCTURE - one week prior to menstruation acupuncture is given twice

CHINESE HERBS - 4 packages of herbs are given the week prior to menstruation (or formula)

The cure rate is 80% or better and sometimes is cured completely.




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