Migraine - Trigeminal neuralgia

Headache is a common subjective symptom. It can occur in many different kinds of acute and chronic diseases. This program aims at migraine and trigeminal neuralgia. It is also a reference for other kinds of headache.

Migraine is a headache which breaks out repeatedly or constantly. It happens often in a certain season and could be genetic. It more often occurs in females, the causes are complicated. Headache may last hours or days. It is often accompanied by other symptoms. These include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea sweating, tearing of the eye, palpitation, fuzzy vision, etc. Its pathology is tension in the cerebral artery.

Trigeminal neuralgia is different from migraine and has many different reasons. Its pathology is tension of the trigeminal nerve. This is evidenced by throbbing and tearing pain. The pain occurs and stops suddenly. There are two types of trigeminal neuralgia which are primary and secondary. Primary trigeminal neuralgia is related to demyelinatic illness. Secondary trigeminal neuralgia is due to another cerebral illness. This program only aims at primary trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal neuralgia most often occurs in the middle to older age adults.(over 40 years old). It occurs more in females than males. It begins suddenly and the pain is like an electric shock or tearing. Majority of the patients experiences pain on one side of the trigeminal nerve. The pain can last a few seconds or minutes. It often is accompanied by a same side facial tic or tears and salivation.


MIGRAINE: This type of headache receives a one month course of treatment.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week.

CHINESE HERBS: 5 packages a week. (optional)

Generally, after one course of treatment you are at least 80% better if not 100 % healed. If your course of disease is too long then 2 courses of treatment may be given. The Acupuncture and herbs provide relief of blood vessel strain and improve cerebral blood circulation.

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA : needs a one month course of treatment.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice or three times a week.

CHINESE HERBS: 5 packages a week. (optional)

Generally after one course of treatment you are 50-80% better. If the course of illness is too long then 2 or more courses of treatment may be necessary. Acupuncture improves the blood circulation and the Chinese herbs provide nutrition to the trigeminal nerve area.
It is requested that during the course of treatment that you , the patient, strive to maintain a positive attitude, reduce your stress level and avoid becoming pessimistic.



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