Female infertility occurs when a woman has practiced a normal sex life for a period of 2 years (her partner having no problem themselves) and no pregnancy as a result. This can also happen after one or two births. Sometimes the ability to get pregnant is affected even after the cessation of birth control pills. All of these are considered female infertility.

Even before we see them, we ask that they be thoroughly examined by a physician or hospital to rule out other organic disease that may affect fertility. Our program is aimed at functional infertility.


ACUPUNCTURE - one to two times a week, then 1 day prior , the day of , and the day following ovulation .

CHINESE HERBS - 5 packages of herbs.(optional)

We usually do three months of treatments (3 cycles) . We have a greater than 80% success rate. If the patient has more symptoms then more than 3 months of treatment will be required. During the program, We ask the patient to maintain a close relationship to their spouse strive for an optimistic attitude. Anxiety, depression, etc. are unfavorable factors to the treatment.


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