This program includes chronic persisting Hepatitis B and C, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Chronic cholecystitis, gall bladder stone and chronic pancreatitis.

* Chronic persisting hepatitis B is a viral infectious disease. Symptoms are poor appetite, nausea, fatigue, enlarged liver. Some patients may have vomiting, jaundice or enlarged spleen. They also have abnormal Liver function tests.

* Cirrhosis of the Liver is disseminated infection which is caused by different kinds of reasons. Because the structure of the liver is actually destroyed, fibrous tissue is hyperplasiaed. The liver cells are regenerated so as to become pseudolobule. Some patients have medical history, such as hepatitis, schistosomiasis, poor nutrition, long term alcoholism or take prescription medicine that is traumatic to the Liver. The symptoms are poor appetite, nausea abdominal distension. Ascites, diarrhea, fatigue, thin and bruise easily. Some patients may have a lack of sexual drive, male breast enlargement and for women, irregular menstruation. Western doctors can make definite diagnosis according to tests and biopsy.

Chinese medicine cannot easily heal these diseases. Drugs prescribed by Western medicine may have the side effect of creating more trauma to the Liver. Chinese Herbs rarely cause side effects to the human body. Yet Chinese herbs can improve the clinic symptoms very much. We use no regular course of treatment. Most of the patients can obtain great improvement of symptoms. We request patients go to see Western doctor regularly to check on the results of the Chinese herbs. WE WILL NOT USE ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY. Patients with the Hepatitis C virus can also be treated with this regimen.

Chronic cholesystitis Most of chronic cholecystitis are caused by gall bladder stones. Some come from acute cholecytsitis. Symptoms are abdomen is full. The right upper abdomen is uncomfortable, dull pain. This is worse after a meal. The pain can reflex to the right back shoulder.

Gall bladder stones. Most of these patients are obese, middle age women. Symptoms are indigestion if no biliary colic.

Biliary colic: When stones come to the cystic duct or common bile duct from the gall bladder, the muscle of the duct will enlarge and cramp. So biliary colic happens. It usually happens after a meal or when eating high fat food or the abdominal is shaken. The pain usually located in the area of the middle upper or right upper abdomen. The pain gets worse and worse and the patients constantly roll about. Sweating much, Facial pale, vomiting, the pain can be felt to the back shoulder. After the biliary colic is over the patient may appear jaundice and have a fever. A western physician can make a clear diagnosis with X-ray or MRI.

Chinese medical treatment can improve or heal these diseases. Chronic cholecystitus needs one course of treatment of one month in duration. 80-100% of patients can be cured. Gall bladder stone may need more than 2 months of treatment. We only treatment the stone smaller than 1 centimeter and sand size grains.

Chronic pancreatitis. Symptoms are upper abdominal pain, which reflexes to the back. Diarrhea, lipid diarrhea. The patient may have jaundice and diabetes. Chinese medical treatment is the same as chronic cholecystitis.



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