Menopause takes place in women between the ages of 45 and 55. The symptoms are: irregular menstruation, decreased amount and duration of menstrual flow, episodes of absent and abnormally frequent menstruation(possibly with excessive bleeding), spotting, paroxysmal flush or sweating in the face or whole body. Temperature of the skin increases, headache, dizziness, palpitation, nausea, fidgety, moodiness, itching skin, back pain, bladder inflammation, or fractures easily, These symptoms may last a few months or several years before menstruation stops permanently. Menopause may cause changes in many body systems. Menopause results from a complex syndrome of change within the body called the climateris, which is caused by declining function of the ovaries. The physical exam will show no organic disease.

Chinese medicine considers menopause as a result of deficiency of the kidney and the liver and stagnation of liver chi.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: Two months is one course of treatment.

ACUPUNCTURE: once a week

CHINESE HERBS: one packages every other day.(optional)

Usually after one course of treatment 80% of the patients no longer have the symptoms or the symptoms are under control.



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