The symptoms of Neurosis include Neurosthenia, stress, depression, hysteria, obsession, etc. Neurosis's main pathological trait are decreased brain function and a weakened spirit.. A Vegetative nervous system is also a functional disorder.

General patients have experiences a long period of stress, along with a contradiction of the mind, and lived an irregular life,, etc. The symptoms vary. These include headache, dizziness, fatigue, depression, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, palpitation, sweating, poor appetite, restless with anxiety. Patient may be impotent, have nocturnal emissions or irregular period, unsteady mood. Attention wanders. They will be impatient and inefficient in their work or study.

The majority of hysteria patients have remarkable mood variations and develop symptoms such as spasm, paralysis, thrill, deaf, aphasia, visual disturbance, vomiting, hiccoughs, disturbance of skin sense, even stupor or sleep walking, etc.

All the patients with these symptoms should go to western hospital to check and make sure they are without nervous, mental, or any internal organ disease.

Chinese medicine considers neurosis a disorder of Yin-Yang, Chi-blood, and organs functions.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT: is one course of treatment for one month.

ACUPUNCTURE: twice a week

CHINESE HERBS: 5 packages a week.(optional)

General speaking, the majority of patients can be healed after one course. If the illness is extended It may take more than 2 courses. During treatment we request that the patients seek psychological counseling , practice a regimen of physical exercise and cooperate with the doctor.


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