Prostatitis is a common ailment in men ages 20 - 40. Enlargement of the prostate can be due to infection or inflammation due to lower urethral mechanical stimulation. This can be caused by bacteria staphylococci, streptococci, colibracillus and prozeus, as well as hypersexuality and the use of alcohol. In the acute infection stages, the symptoms include eager, frequent and burning urination. Chills, fever, difficult urination and bloody urine occur in serious cases. At the chronic infection stages, there may be a bearing down or bloating feeling in the perineum and lower back. There is often a white turbid secretion through the urethra and symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, sleeplessness, impotence and uncontrolled. emissions.

Enlargement of the prostate occurs in men 50 years or older. Symptoms include varying degrees of eager and frequent urination, especially during the sleeping hours and slow difficult urination. The urinary tract may narrow and even stop urine flow. This can lead to chronic renal failure.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT - one course of treatment is one month.

ACUPUNCTURE - once or twice a week.

CHINESE HERBS - 5 packages of herbs a week (or herb formula).

There is a 90 - 100 % cure rate. During the course of treatment the patient is requested to cut down or quit alcohol altogether, reduce sexual activity, get plenty of sleep, and increase physical activity. If the patient has a long and difficult history and there is little response to treatment, surgery may be recommended.



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