Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin ailment. Basic skin lesions are red in color, papulosquamous, and different size. The lesions can be bleed after scratching. Psoriasis can happen in the whole body, but it more often occurs in the scalp and limbs. It is worse in the winter. Whole body symptoms may be itching, fever and joint pain.

There are four patterns of lesions. 1. Common, 2. Impetigo 3. joints,
4. Erythrodermatitis

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT - One course of treatment is two months.

ACUPUNCTURE: once a week.

CHINESE HERBS: 3 packages a week along with Chinese herb pills.

After one course of treatment patient should be at least 50-80% better or completely healed. If the case history is long then 2 courses may be required.



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