Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinated illness of the Central Nervous system. It happens in the young or middle age.It occurs more in females than males. The symptoms are varied and complicated. The catebasis and recurrence happen alternately. It can break out acutely or subacutely. The symptoms are different according to the different pathological focus in the Central Nervous System. They are dizziness, poor vision, double vision. Alalia, limb numbness, paresthesia, paralysis, ataxia, Etc. Some may have typical "lhermitte sign". This is a bent neck. Reflexic pain breaks out from back to the bottoms of the feet. A few patients may have spasms or epilepsy.


Paroxysm stage:

ACUPUNCTURE: 2-3 times a week
CHINESE HERBS: 5 packages a week.


ACUPUNCTURE: once a week
CHINESE HERBS: 3 packages a week.

Generally speaking after one course of treatment during catebasis, the illness will be under control. This means the attacks will decrease and be slight. Good results are possible if the case history is not too severe.



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