Renal or urethral stones commonly occur in middle age males and females. They can be sedentary or involved in regular sports or other physical activities. A constant dull pain is often experienced in the lumbar and the corresponding upper abdominal area. Sometimes there is an acute pulling pain that extends to the lower abdominal, vulva area, and medial thigh. To urinate is painful and there is often blood in the urine. The patient may have a pale face with sweating, nausea and vomiting before the passage of the stone.

Vesicle Calculus or Bladder Stones

Although this condition can happen at any age, it most often happens to children or adults over 50 years of age. The symptoms include painful urination and an intermittent flow of urine. There may also be blood. If infected frequency of urination may increase along with pain and burning.

Urethral Stones

Urethral stones most often happen in male children. The symptoms include the inability to urinate of difficulty in urination. Serious case may exhibit an absence of urine altogether and lead to urethral infection.

CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT - one course of treatment is two weeks.


CHINESE HERBS. - 3 packages a week.

The patient is encouraged to drink large amounts of water. This helps passage of the stones. One course of treatment is usually enough to cure 80 - 100 % of patients. If the stone is larger than 1 centimeter we suggest surgical removal.



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